Shop History:

Quality Carts was born by circumstance from Quality Auto Mart & Service in 1995. Quality Auto Mart & Services was located next to a campground in which many loyal customers resided. It’s inevitable that something with a motor will need maintenance. A few of these customers were showing up with their golf carts asking if he could work on them. Initially Mark turned away the golf carts and focused strictly on automotive work but as more and more people began to ask for his services, he began to accept some. Slowly word got around the campground that Quality Auto Mart & Services was working on golf carts now. One thing led to another, parts were started to be stocked and golf carts were in every week for repairs, to golf carts being sold.
Currently, we have two full-time golf cart mechanics, one part-time golf cart mechanic, a service writer, and one sales person. Together these wonderful people keep Quality Carts running smoothly and efficiently to provide any golf cart service you are looking for.

About the owners:

Mark Roepke
Quality Carts owner, Mark Roepke, grew up on his family’s farm in Sunman, IN. He and his brothers were always tinkering with cars. In their spare time, they fixed farm equipment, built go-carts, and mini bikes. Mark opened his automotive shop, Quality Auto Mart & Services, in 1985. Initially, Mark rejected golf cart services from the campground across the street in favor of sticking to automotive services. Some friends, whom were loyal customers, were staying at the campground and had golf cart issues. With all the tools right there in his shop, he decided to do some work on golf carts. This little favor spiraled into Mark dedicating part of his shop to servicing golf carts.

Through the school of hard knocks, Mark has learned how to service any golf cart brought to him. He has passed the knowledge of fixing carts on to his employees. He is constantly collaborating with them to make sure the job is done right the first time.

They say you never work a day in your life if you love what you’re doing; he is happy to say he loves going to work every day. The relationships he’s fostered with his staff and customers are priceless. He believes in the golden rule: treat others the way you wanted to be treated. He makes sure every deal is fair, and meets it with a firm handshake.

Nancy Roepke
Nancy, Mark’s wife, was recently employed in the medical field. She soon realized as the Quality businesses grew, that they would need her skill set to help manage. So without hesitation, she quit her job and joined our team. Her impact was felt immediately with a complete remodel of the office and showroom. This occurred due in large part to her hard work, with the help of Mark and friends and family.

Today, she continues to assist the business running smoothly. Mark and Nancy, have five children. Most of them have had the opportunity to grow up around cars/carts and are learning what the business is all about. When you stop by and see us, you just might see one of them behind the counter.

About our staff:

Our excellent staff has over 75 combined years of automotive and golf cart mechanical experience. We are blessed to have such a talented and hardworking staff here at Quality Carts. There is not a cart that has come through our shop that has not been fixed by our mechanics. Stop on in and see the work that they can do for you!